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    Culture and shows Parks and leisure  
    - ROYAL ALBERT ELISABETH Stadium, Mons (1.50 Km)
    - IMAGIX Cinema complex (2.30 Km)
    - MAC Museum of Contemporary Art (12.70 Km)
    - LE MANEGE MONS Theatre district (2.20 Km)
    - MUNDANEUM Museum (1.00 Km)
    - PASS Scientific adventure park (8.80 Km)
    - THEATRE ROYAL, Grand-Place (main square), Mons (0.70 Km)

 Parks and leisure

- PAIRI DAIZA (former PARADISIO) Wildlife park (19.20 Km)
- GRAND LARGE Lake (2.10 Km)
- WAUX-HALL Park (1.90 Km)


- ADEPS Sports centre, Ghlin (2.10 Km)
- ROYAL ALBERT ELISABETH Stadium, Mons (1.50 Km)

  • Special events

The Doudou

- In Mons, Doudou is the popular name given to the joyous week-long festival that kicks off during the weekend of the Trinity and peaks with the traditional Ducasse (traditional fair). The origins of this folkloric event hark back to the XIVth century. In 2005, UNESCO declared the Doudou a ‘Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’. It has four distinct stages.  

- Descent of the Relics of Saint Waudru, the female founder of the city. She is the focus of a moving ceremony on Saturday evening in the Collegiate Church that carries her name. During this solemn event, the Dean entrusts the burgomaster (principal magistrate) with the saint’s relics so that they can be part of the procession scheduled for the following day through the streets of the town. This tradition is marked by the sound of the Doudou, a song sung by all in attendance from the tops of their lungs. This tune will be vocalized throughout the festival period.

- The Procession. On Sunday morning, the relics are placed on a ceremonial float, the Golden Carriage. This is the start of a day bursting to the seams with emotion and joy. Approximately one thousand five hundred participants divided into sixty or so groups proceed along the route dressed in period costume. They symbolise the guilds and professional bodies from the Middle Ages that brought wealth and power to the capital of Hainaut province. Pulled by six strong carthorses, all eyes are automatically drawn to this Golden Carriage during its journey along the city’s streets.

- Ascent of the Golden Carriage. As the procession comes to the end of its route, members of the public gather in large numbers behind the Golden Carriage.  Buoyed by the general enthusiasm, countless hands then propel the horses forward to the top of the paved ramp skirting the Collegiate Church. The eventual outcome is significant: legend has it that the Golden Carriage must reach the top of the ramp without stopping to avoid misfortune befalling the town. The Ascent lasts no more than twenty or so seconds. This is such an intense moment that the crowd terminates the task with a vibrant outpouring of noise.


- The battle of "Lumecon". The relics of Saint Waudru have barely been returned to the Collegiate Church before the battle between Saint George and the Dragon begins. Saint George is accompanied in his task by Lumecon characters: Devils and Chins-Chins (St George’s protectors), ‘Men in white’, ‘Leaf men’, firemen and police wearing white or blue hats. It is approximately 12.30 hrs.
Battle actors start their glorious descent from the Collegiate Church towards the Grand-Place (main square), a procession dubbed the ‘Descent down Clercs Rd’.
Thousands of people are already gathered opposite the Town Hall, desperately waiting for their chance to snatch hair from the tail of "el biète", the Dragon, reputed to bring good luck.
Once in the centre of the square, Saint George fights the Dragon (firstly with a spear, then a sword, and finally with a gun) with the characters in the enactment alongside him for thirty minutes of intense excitement accompanied by the frenetic rhythm of the ‘Doudou’ tune.  
The Dragon is categorically despatched by a final shot from Saint George’s gun.
All the Lumecon characters then proceed to the courtyard at the Town Hall with an animated crowd chanting ‘The people of Mons will never die!’
The town is no longer in jeopardy. On with the festivities!


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